Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Time is actually flying by!

I have been really busy, so time is ticking away. We are seriously starting our renos on Friday night. Clark is demolishing and then we are getting new doors on Monday and the roof fixed next week. So we have lot of other things to think about and do to keep us busy.

I bought my first maternity shirt. Couldn't help myself the price was right and it was cute! I also bought some belly cream! Not that I need it just yet, but I was in the drug store (picking up my pro.metrium refill) and they had 3 bottles of belly lotion (3 different types, oil, lotion and cream - all palmers) for 20 bucks! Plus you got a free baby name book. So how could I resist that. I figure that's enough belly cream to get me through until June and I could always use a name book - it the Mot.her of A.ll Bab.y Boo.ks, I skimmed it last night and it looks decent.

Anyway. I hanging in and doing ok for now. I just hope I will be able to share happy, wonderful news with you all on Monday. I actually can't believe it's only 5 days away now. When I started this countdown it seemed like forever. I'm actually excited to see my little bun!! I was also really excited to see my ticker hit 7 weeks today!!! Yeah!

I feel like the stressful time is about to get better, once I get through the hurdle of the u/s, then the next big milestone is hitting 13 weeks and the second tri. I think I get a second u/s at 12 weeks which will be reassuring. I don't even have a dr as yet. The RE needs to refer me to an OB in the big city since I don't want to mess around with the rinky-dink drs in this town. Which will happen on Monday, the RE clinic releases me then if all looks good! I will be more than pleased to graduate and start acting like a normal pg person! I think my xmas I might be a believer!

I have been scoping out baby paraphernalia in stores and maternity clothes and I can't believe how much of a fraud I feel like. I keep looking at all the people around me thinking they know, they know. And then I think they know what? I AM PG! So why do I feel like a fraud, is it that I don't really believe it yet? I don't know, but I can't wait until I can strut my belly right into bab.ies r. u.s and feel proud!


Fertilize Me said...

i ove this post ..i feel the enjoyment and excitement!

Chas said...

This is so exciting! I used Palmers belly cream every day while I was pregnant, even before I was showing, and I have not a single stretch mark. I used a lot more than three bottles though.

Kirsten said...

I'm so happy for you and so excited for the 22nd! It is so fun to go and look at all the pregnancy stuff, especially when you are newly pregnant and you finally get to start buying it after much anticipation! I used tummy butter from motherhood toward the end and didn't have one stretch mark, either...but I really think I would have if I would have gone full-term! I also really believe it's all genetics, too, though because my mom never got a stretch mark with 2 pregnancies.
Enjoy each day!!!

Honeycutt Family said...

Looking forward to reading about how Monday goes! :)