Friday, June 29, 2007

And today is...

CD1. I think I should have scheduled this RE appointment sooner that August. That's about all I got to say about that.

Happy Canada Day! All good excuses to get drunk this weekend.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The great mouse-capades of Hope & Clark

Yup, we had a mouse in our bbq over the weekend. It was a cute furry little mouse with 2 tiny little babies, nestled into a cozy nest right between the grill and the burner (see not everything is barren and infertile at my house, at least the rodents can reproduce!) Anyway the mom took off and left the babies, partially because I scared the Sh*t out of her by starting the bbq before I saw her. So we moved the nest to where we say the mom run. The kicker is she came back, got the babies and rebuilt the nest in the same spot, the very next day. Silly mama mouse!

So needless to say the bbq has been moved into the garage. Clark says I am a horrible, horrible person for trying to incinerate the mouse family, even if it was unintentional. And I think they did live! I shut down the bbq as soon as I saw them! I felt really bad.

Anyway I think the universe is trying to distract me. I am still trying not to obsess, about the whole Am I or Aren't thing. CD26, so the wait is almost over. And since we all know I am obsessing, I might as well indulge myself a little. It's like I am trying to convince myself that I could be pg, why do we do that? I make every symptom I think I have into something that could be pg related and the funny thing is that when I did get a bfp, I didn't even think about being pg that month. Ah, if only this were like an algebra problem that could be rationalised and solved. My face is a mess! The worst breakout I have had in months, down my neck and even a bit on my chest (I know it sounds lovely doesn't it?) I keep having these twingy cramps for the last week or so. Of course I am bit*chy, not sure if that has ever been hormone related or just who I am.

Oh well, back to real work. 3 more days or so to mull it over, before it's over!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Busy is good, especially during the 2ww...

I have been super busy this past couple of weeks, which is a bonus. The only thing that really keeps me from obsessing is not having the time.

So for a quick update, life is plugging along. I keep popping in on you all, to see how things are going, glad to see things are still going as smoothly for Kirsten over at Blonde Ambitions, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she can keep those girls in there as long as possible! And the girls over at Me the Bumblebee, Hopeful to Hateful, and the Opposite of Knocked Up are all reporting cautious optimism, so I'm pulling for you girls and wishing you all the best.

I still can't help but hope that this is my month. That spring break baby would be perfect for the daddy that's a teacher and has a week off in March! CD 20, so still a ways to go, I'm really trying not analyze every little symptom, I feel or think I feel, that always gets me into trouble and you think I would know better by now.

Oh, well. Work is crazy busy. Life is good. My patience is thin but still mostly intact. I'm giving a great big shout out to all my blog girls! Just want to say that I don't comment often, but I'm dropping in. Wish you all the best!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

What is there to say...

Well, you know I will find something! To get the cycle and related info out of the way first, I'm on cd13, doing my mid-cycle acupuncture and trying to have unromantic, scheduled sex with my hubby. What else can I tell you. Round and round and round I go and where I stop no one knows! Let's pray for a spring break baby!
I do feel like I am on one of those spinning rides at the carnival and just when it starts to slow down and my stomach relaxes, I'm about to get off and then woooosh! It starts again. I want off the ride and I want my money back, because I didn't enjoy it, at all.
Emotionally, ya know I'm hanging in there. Clark is still struggling, he has not yet let go of the idea that we will get pregnant on our own. I think he is a little slower than the rest of us. The last 2 years haven't caught up with him yet. I told him, screw it, I am ready to just move on to the freakin' IVF and get it done with. I am tired of all this messing around. Really, who isn't? So only a couple more diy cycles until we see the RE and get an action plan in place. I think I might feel better then, or at least more in control.
On the upside of life, the weather here is beautiful! And so I am going to share with you the beauty of my garden, the onlyplace in the world where I don't feel barren these days. This is my little private sanctuary.

This is my pride and join, the corner perennial garden.

This is my Vegetable garden, check out those tomatoes!

This is my baby, the Boston Terrier that rules the garden!

So there you have it, wow, I am proud of my first picture post and feeling a little exposed, I think this is the most I have shared of my personal life.