Thursday, October 25, 2007

Information Required...

I wish I knew more about what was happening with my body. I know I'll get some answers eventually. But right now I need to know.

How is this miscarriage going to play out. Nothing, and I mean nothing is happening not even so much as spotting. So I have the call the RE clinic tomorrow, then they say they will give me drugs to cause the miscarriage.

What is this whole clotting issue. I tried to do a bit of research about MTHR etc. but does any one have any first hand knowledge about this. Can they fix this. What does this mean for me long term?

I am just so full of questions right now and seem to have very little answers. I hope I get an appointment with the RE to discuss everything. I'm all over the place. Back to work today. But I just want to move onto the next step.


Mommy Someday said...

I don't know much about the MTHR thing, except what I have read on other blogs. It seems that most people take some type of injection to help with the clottiing issues and sometimes take baby aspirin also.

So sorry about your miscarriage. It took my body almost 2 weeks to realize what was going on - between baby dying and miscarriage starting. I had no idea what was going on, and thankfully I started bleeding the day after I learned that the baby had stopped developing. Good luck!

Fertilize Me said...

I have the MTHR auto immune deficiancy. For the most part, I was put on a 81 mg baby aspirin through my cycles. And after you get a bfp, I was instructed to I would have to take prednisone or lovenox in hopes to eliminating miscarriages. Right now, I have a bfp and they are testing all my lvls to make sure that I actually do need to be on it.

From what i was told... MANY MANY MANY people have it and those going through fertility treatments are aware of it more because we get that kind of testing.

Sending you warmth

Honeycutt Family said...

Not 100% sure if she had the same thing, but my very good friend had clotting issues and had to inject herself twice a day with Lovenox. Then 1-2 weeks before her due date she stopped the injections and they induced a few days later. She now has a healthy 3 month old daughter after one miscarriage.
I am praying for you and hope you get some answers soon. I'm so sorry for your terrible loss.

Chas said...

I know nothing of the clotting issue, though I know that my clinic makes everyone take baby aspirin. I have always just taken and not really thought about why. I hope you get your answers SOON!

soralis said...

Hoping you get some answers. Take care

Sarah said...

oh no, i am so sorry you're going through this. just wanted to let you know i know LOTS of people with MTHFR who have gone on to have perfectly fine pregnancies.

the good thing is that they know. it can be very scary (one friend continued to bleed monthly for the first five months, but now has a perfect baby boy), but often works out fine (my 3 SIL's have it, and i have 7 gorgeous neices and nephews between them). there are loads of success stories in the blogosphere, although you may not be up to those right now.

you're going through a terrible loss and this may not be the right time to think about the future, but in the back of your mind, know that there is hope.

SaraS-P said...

I hope you get some helpful info to ease at least some of the confusion if not the pain of loss.

Anonymous said...

Go to this blog. She has MTHR