Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Where does the time go???

Well 6 months have come and gone and baby K is healthy and happy and BUSY!! She's rolling and trying hard to crawl. She is such a joy!! Of course I have the usual frustrations, not enough sleep and feeling Mommy burnout some of the time. I think I need to learn to leave her a bit more and get out. It's so hard for me to be away from her, but I am in need of some recharging.

But for the most part everyday is just a blessing with her. She has been a very happy, content baby and I am dreading the thoughts of returning to work, although that I know I will. We have started to contemplate baby #2 or at least giving it a try. We have not been using anything to prevent a pregnancy, but of course I haven't got pregnant yet. Although any sooner than now and I think I would have been a little overwhelmed!!

I'm heading back to the specialist in January, just to see what the plan of action would be. Would he want me back on the Met? I have 2 frozen blasts so we'll use those first, although I'm not optimistic about them surviving the thaw. Ideally I'd like to get pg again sometime around July or August so they would be about 2 years apart and I'll deliver around my 35th birthday, but we know how planning these things goes. I make plans and God laughs! So we'll see...

I'm thinking about shutting down this blog or moving on somewhere else, the entire focus and purpose of why I started this blog has changed and I'm not sure anybody is actually reading anymore, although I can't blame them with my sporadic posting. It served such a great purpose during such a trying time in my life but me and so many things have changed since then, I feel I need to change it too. I'll see how ambitious I get.

That's about it for now just enjoying one day at a time and looking forward to the holidays!!!