Monday, March 31, 2008

Quick Update...

I have been so busy, I was off for a week, and have not gotten in front if the computer much. Hope all is going well with all of you!

Good news and bad news. We had a death in the family, Clark's Grandpa, he's been sick, but it is very sad, we are all going to miss him so much. He was such a kind and giving man. I am dreading the funeral.

Plus we got the puppy!! She is a sweetie. I promise to post pics this week.

We had the iui on the 18th and just awaiting results. I can test on Wednesday. This time I was so busy the 2ww flew by!! Clark had the best count ever!!! 28 million washed. I was so proud of him. (and I am not testing early!!!)

And happy blogaversary to me!!! 2 years I have been blogging, seems unreal.

More when I have more time.

Monday, March 10, 2008

And on it goes...

So I'm 4 shots into this 3rd iui cycle. I'm really glad I made the decision not to talk about it in RL. It seems to slow time down, when you are talking and thinking about it all the time.

I'm off to the city tomorrow for cd8 b/w. Then I will start hearing about when I need to come in for u/s. It's going along fine.

No news on the furbaby yet. I'm getting really anxious to see her!! We are supposed to choose which girl we want from pictures this week, so I'm getting very impatient to get pictures. Only 2 weeks until we go get her, yeah!!

*Addition* To answer Mel's question, I'm on the same protocol as last cycle we did. 75iu injection of Pure*gon every evening at 5pm, beginning cd3, b/w and u/s monitoring until follies are ready and then trigger with ovid*rel (usually cd 14-16), plus regular pure*gon, day off and then iui. I am also on 850mg of met 2x a day, and of course a pre*natal. I will start one low dose as*pirin a day , plus prog. suppositories the day of the iui.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Just Do IT...

Well Tuesday ended up being cd1, very obviously by the afternoon. So I did it. I called my clinic, everything was set to start when I wanted to anyway, so off I went yesterday to fill my script. Went to the city this am for cd3 blood and start injections tonight if my baselines are A-OK.

Why not. I'm taking it as a sign that I shouldn't let this month go by. This is the first time I have been able to do an iui, month off and another right away, so maybe it will be good.

Who knows. But I decided since this was sort of unplanned anyway, I'm not telling anyone, other than Clark of course. I don't really want all the questions and then my mom wants to go with me for blood, and I don't want to her to have to feel like she has to do that. It will only be 12 or so days and and the iui will be done and on with it. So I don't want to talk about it in RL.

I can come here at my discretion without having to give a cycle update on demand, if I want to talk.

Puppy is looking like it will be coming home Easter weekend. We should get pics of the girls in a few days to pick which one we want!! I am sooooo excited!!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Second Guessing...

Ok, I'm spotting. Which could only be a precursor to my period. A full 4-5 days before I expected it. I don't ever spot for long, so that likely means it will be full force by tonight. What does this mean and why does this make me stop and ponder my previous decisions, you ask? Ok, well you didn't exactly ask, but what the hell, it's my blog, so I'm gonna tell you anyway. Well, what it means is that I could do a March cycle, because that would mean the iui would be all done and over by Easter, instead of landing right smack in the middle of my planned road trip. And as much as I am enjoying the break, I'd also like to get on with it. Ya know. Yeah, I know, you all know.

So, I guess I will see if today or tomorrow ends up being day 1. But I mean if I can squeeze a cycle in, then why not. Once again, it'll be a wait and see.

So the puppy pics are really funny, huh? I loved that Chas' comment said she had no idea what they were. They are funny looking at that age, one of my RL friends said they look like mini cows!!

No new pics yet, and believe me I am anxiously waiting. For a lot of things.