Monday, August 25, 2008

An Even Dozen!

Well, I had my first follie check yesterday and the news was very encouraging. I had 12 nice follies, 7 on one side and 5 on the other. All measuring about the same at around 1.1!!

Woo-hoo, this is the most encouraging news we have had on the IF front in ages. My e2 looked good and the doc even called it an excellent stim cycle. He said I am right where they want me to be at this point.

So relieved!!! I go back for another look tomorrow and start my antagonist shot tonight. So if all continues to go well we could be looking at a labour day weekend ER!!!!

I am stressing about a few of the details but trying really hard to put it all out of my mind and trust that it will all happen the way it should, as I know at this point it is all out of my hands. The majority of this outcome is up to the RE and science and the rest is up to God.

I am feeling a lot bloated and really tired. But I am assuming this is all normal at this point!!

Please continue to pray that this cycle finishes out well, we get a good lot of embryos from it and this is our miracle answer!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

IVF #1, Take 2 - ACTION!!!

Well, I got the go ahead on take 2. We started injections on Tuesday. 450 iu of Men0pur each time. Pretty much a pro at the mixing and injecting now. Had b/w this a.m., so we'll keep our fingers crossed that everything will work out this time.

Had no suppression at all, not even est.race. So maybe this will help develop those follies and keep them on track.

Life is as busy as ever, just holding out hope I at least make it to egg retrieval this time.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Making a little noise...

I have been away for far too long!! I have nothing really new or exciting to say, but I thought I would make a little noise so that you all know that I am still here!!!

My vacation was fantastic!! Every bit the recharging that I needed. I am looking forward now to getting back on the cycling wagon! I'm starting IVF #1 take 2, as soon as I get my period would should be somewhere around the 21st.

I'm getting anxious to get started now that I have had some time off. I have a bit of hope restored in me.

I have been lurking around the web keeping up to date on all my blog girlfriends, just haven't had a lot to say.