Friday, January 12, 2007

Halfway there...

Well I am one week in to the wait for my 2nd u/s. One more week to go. I am sooooo impatient, this waiting around is killing me. I feel fine, a little pukey, sore boobs, stomach seems bloated, constipated, everything I expected to feel when I was pregnant. So I keep asking myself, how can anything be wrong? Wouldn't I be experiencing something? A reduction in pregnancy symptoms, cramping, spotting, something? How can something be wrong? I don't feel off? I haven't had so much as a drop of spotting, and believe me I keep looking.

Clark is determined that everything is fine and that the u/s was just crappy and they couldn't see anything that early. I hope he is right, I keep praying and want to believe that, but it is so hard to try and not prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. My Dr. should have the 1st u/s report by now, so I keep thinking if it were something serious surely they would call me?

But I have kept my actions positive. I called and cancelled my appointment that I had Feb 1 for my first consult for my iui. No sense in being pessimistic and thinking I am going to need that appointment, I'll be 12 weeks pregnant by then. I also scheduled dinner with my MIL to celebrate the day of my u/s (Clark has another commitment that night). I found the perfect crib to order for the baby's room. I haven't brought myself to be able to buy maternity clothes yet, but soon.

And on an even more positive note, my IRL BFF just told me last night she's pg. Yeah! She is due 2 weeks after me and I think it is awesome we will be able to share this experience together. So I am taking that as another positive sign that this baby is meant to be. We scheduled a shopping day next Saturday to get some Mat clothes and check out baby stuff. I can't wait. It's so exciting!

So my prayers are long and frequent, but I know this baby is meant to be, so many people are waiting to welcome it. We have waited so long and dreamed so much about being parents, I just have to have faith that everything will work out wonderfully.


Kirsten said...

I think it's great that you are keeping things positive; Joel Osteen would be proud!! His messages are quite often about expecting and believing for the best.
I am anxious for your updates but I would think that you'd feel something if there were something going on wrong in there. That's what I keep telling myself, too. I've been a little worried about losing one or both babies but, so far, I have felt the same so I am hoping that's a good thing.
I'm praying with you!

Chas said...

I think you'd have some symptoms by now. When I miscarried my baby's twin I had lots of symptoms before I even had the miscarriage.I think you're baby is probably just fine.