Thursday, January 04, 2007

The dust is settling...

Well, Inglewood was right. Thanks for you comments, by the way. I know I was on rant about my SIL's insensitivity. I have relaxed about it a bit. But the dust has settled slightly, my SIL seems to be in suck-up mode, so I think she does feel like a dolt and knows she is being a bridezilla.

Part of my guilt was that I didn't even consider how she would feel, I didn't even think about her wedding or that we would be stealing her thunder. I certainly did not anticipate her reaction. I was so quite up in my own ecstatic joy at a positive pregnancy test, that I never even gave her a second thought. But then when I did think about it, you guys are right, this will in no way interfere with her wedding, it will be all over and done with way before I hit my 20th week.

Nonetheless, I think I will get past it and at least forget, even if I can't fully forgive. I know how weddings make women feel, I've had 2 of them myself, although #2 was eloping with only one other couple and we didn't tell anyone else until after. But whatever.

She at least seems to know she is wrong, which is something.

U/s tomorrow, I can't wait. I keep praying. Please let all be well. I'll keep you all posted.

And congrats to Kirsten!! Thrilled for you, we must be pretty close in due dates, I would think. Nice to have another Boston terrier mom as a PG buddy!

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Inglewood said...

Don't beat yourself up for not considering her feelings. If you told everyone about the pregnancy at the engagement party, or during a speech at the wedding, go beat yourself up and feel guilty. You didn't steal her thunder, she acted poorly.

Can't wait for your update tomorrow. We saw a smudge, and a heartbeat at 8 weeks, it was amazing.

Will check tomorrow.