Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well the holidays are over. I have almost made it through an entire month of knowing I am pregnant without going totally insane. I did not make it through without pissing off at least one member of Clark's family.

My SIL. Yup, she did not take the baby news well. She is getting married in the spring and is feeling 'slighted' as my MIL described it. Both Clark and I feel she is being totally selfish, not to mention a few other choice names I have called her over the last week. But I mean come on, really. A tad immature do you think?

She totally knows how long we have been trying and our whole infertility story. So needless to say, I felt an irreparable rip in our relationship, which I must say was quite good by in law standards. But I don't know if I will ever feel as close to her as I once did. I can't help but see her differently as a person now.

Not only does she feel that way, she makes no apologies for it and actually said it to my face. Granted this is the first grandchild, but I am not due until August, way after her wedding is over. I am not in the wedding (they are doing a small destination wedding with only immediate family and a few close friends), so that is not a concern. She just feels the focus will be shifted to us and our baby instead of her wedding. For the love of God! Can people just be normal.

Anyway, I am not letting her rain on my baby parade. She is entitled to feel however she wants and I can just ignore and bask in my own glory. Which is what I fully intend to do. Although I did have a bit of a rant to Clark about it.

3 days until the first u/s. Trying not to hold my breath! I feel good. A little touch of morning sickness and tired, but the holidays and the week I took off really recharged me. Now I just need to shift my focus to work. Easier said, than done!


Inglewood said...

Sorry to hear of your SIL's attitude, Hope. That must have hurt tremendously.

My bit of advice, which may be assvice and if it is I apologize in advance, is to try your best to forgive her. Weddings make some women crazy. There is an expectation of perfection and ‘their day’. My husband kept saying, ‘as long by the end of it we are married, I’ll be happy’. My mom also would say, ‘the wedding is a day, marriage is a lifetime’. These very simple, grounding concepts can be lost on a woman caught up in the hoopla of it all, turning a normal, mostly sane person into a bridezilla.

Now I am not saying go out and be best friends, just once the dust settles and some time has passed try to forgive her selfishness. Now if she makes a habit of this type of behaviour, well, try to be pleasant at family functions. If she is a decent person she will eventually feel like a dolt, she may not apologize but may let you know in other ways.

Wishing you the best and try to focus on the well wishes and your family that is excited for you. Take care Hope.

Chas said...

Good grief...some people are so self centered. I know she's your family, but that's just ridiculous. Anyone that knows someone who has gone through IF should be beyond elated for them regardless of when their due date is. If her wedding is in the spring and you're not due until August, then for crying out loud..by the time your baby is born everyone will have already forgotten about her wedding anyway. And your baby showers and all that won't have even begun until after he wedding anyway. Don't let that kind of silliness get you down. Just enjoy being pregnant.

Kirsten said...

Wow. It's hard to believe how some people can act and feel content with themselves. You deserve to enjoy every single minute of this pregnancy!! These are 2 totally separate events and I am sure she will get her fair share in the "limelight" on her special day.
I am glad to hear things are going well; can't wait to hear about the u/s!!!