Friday, January 18, 2008


Well, I got from the few comments about my last post, that perhaps, I was over reacting and maybe Clark not dropping everything to drive to the city with me on the weekend, is no biggy? So I started reminding myself of all that I am grateful for and thought I would write a post about all that I am grateful for. I used to do that somewhat regularly and think it is important to remind ourselves of all that we are truly blessed with.

My Grateful List for today, things I love about my life right now:
1. Wonderfully supportive friends and family
2. A fantastic hubby, with whom I still have a strong and wonderful relationship with
3. A job, that I love and fulfills me and offers me flexibility to pursue my dreams
4. A boss that is both my friend and colleague and is uniquely concerned with overall well being
5. Financial stability that affords me many luxuries
6. A house that I love that I can afford in a neighbourhood that is close to my friends and family and our jobs
7. My awesome new car (first one ever-did i post about this)? Which I love to drive
8. My fur-baby, sweet and even tempered, and a little crazy!
9. My extensive spiritual awakening and recent spiritual growth
10.The opportunity and choices I have been blessed with in my life
11. The deep knowledge that I have of who I am
12. That I like the person I am growing into
13. That I am learning to give more of myself to others
14. My awareness that I am not always right
15. The knowledge that no situation is ever as good or as bad as it seems in the moment
16. My mom
17. My best friend
18. That I am learning from my past mistakes and trying everyday to be a better person
19. The journey that I am on
20. The potential new puppy that is due to be born in February!

This was really more for me! A necessary reminder.


Fertilize Me said...

It is good to do this -- In fact I think it is excellent - it helps with perspectives that get lost in the dr's offices, labs, procedures, and drugs.

Good for you

.......................Honeycutt Family said...

Isn't it amazing how helpful this can be to us sometimes? I've had a CRAPPY day, so I should do the same...

Chas said...

These are nice reminders sometimes. I like that you are looking at the positives ;).

casicola-luckyme said...

i LOVE to do this. My therapist taught me to do this a few years back and man oh man it so helps! I am so glad to see someone else do it too! Good luck with the IUI #2. I know how hard it is to do the waiting game over and over...