Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Where things stand...

Well, I'm full swing into iui#2. Making the trek a couple times a week into the city for b/w. My first u/s to check follie development is likely on Saturday. The injections as usual are going along fine. The blood draws are killer. They have a hard time finding my veins, it took three pokes yesterday, but they got it. Thankfully, I never was squeamish about needles, this is serving me well now.

I am starting to feel a bit of a toll on my body. Not sure if it is the meds or the getting up early and driving 2 hours before work that I am not used to. But I'm wiped.

I'm really trying to blow this whole thing off as normal and not really a disruption to my life. Clark has another commitment on Saturday, so he won't be joining me for the drive to my u/s. I'm a little disappointed. I totally get that he can't do it during the week. I don't want him to miss work and he already has to on the day I really need him (the actual iui). But I guess I was hoping he would drop everything to join me on his day off. His commitment, as far as I am concerned is not that important (it's sports related). I kind of feel like I give up everything and make all the concessions to try to make this effing baby thing work. I think he could put forth a tiny effort. I know he cares and all that, but really a little pat on the back for me and a touch of support wouldn't hurt. Am I being overly sensitive here? Hormones do that to me.

Anyway. I'm tired and bloated, crampy and feeling kind of crappy, you know the usual during this medicated cycles. But I'm hanging in. I hope all of this is worth it in the end. I keep trying to focus on my positive thoughts.


Fertilize Me said...

Happy IUI#2 wishes

Chas said...

Good luck w/ IUI#2!!

Jason was never able to attend any ultrasounds with me. I didn't give it a lot of thought really. He did attend my transfer, but aside from that I was always on my own.'re not the only one if that makes you feel any better :).

Kirsten said...

Congrats on starting #2...I'm praying this is the ONE for you guys!
Daniel tried to attend what he could but he did end up missing some stuff. I think he missed an ultrasound or two...we had so many that I kind of didn't blame him!! But, I totally understand why you want him there; this could be the beginning of your little one :)