Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I guess an update is in order!

I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. I have been so wrapped up in avoiding the IF issues in my life. I have just been enjoying the summer and hoping for the best.

No news yet. I am on CD 24 right now. I feel normal and barely even had any side effects from the clomid this time, go figure.

This cycle has been fairly screwed up and probably is a lost cause (of course as I type those words a twinge of hope flitters across my belly - maybe I am trying to use reverse psychology on myself!). But the facts this month are as follows:

~No positive OPK, although I stopped tested after CD 14
~Only had sex on CD 14 & 15 and then not at all after that
~Not even sure I ovulated?

Why you ask? Well I was away at the cottage as discussed in previous posts, with my in-laws which left no time for POAS or getting it on! But for all of those out there that thinks relaxing is the answer, I certainly did that. Didn't have sex, but if relaxing is what will get me pregnant then I should get my BFP for sure this month.

Sorry do I sound a little bit bitter.

So the game plan form here on in is that I already ordered my Clomid from the pharmacy, I expect my period to arrive Monday or Tuesday. So I start 150mg then.

What else can I say?

On a less selfish note, I popped over to see Just Another Jenny and see that she is due for her Beta tomorrow. I have everything crossed and am willing her all of my positive energy! We need some great news in the IF Blog community to give us all a boost!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you Jenny!!

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