Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Clomid Round 4 has Begun

Yup, today is Cycle day 3. I started the clomid. 100mg. I have to admit I really contemplated taking it on CD1, but thought better of it and figured I should follow the DR's orders at least this time.

Why do you ask, would I consider taking it on day 1. Well, I have read that there is a higher success rate if the clomid is taken earlier in your cycle. Maybe next month.

So I have little to say today other than once again I feel defeated. I had almost convinced myself to have hope this cycle, with the LAP and everything, but my period showed up on Day 31 just as scheduled.

Now, I just sit and await the hormone hell to start. It is about 100 degrees F, here this week, I can't wait for the hot flashes. Yipppeeee!

And so it begins... Again.

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