Monday, November 05, 2007

Getting things going...

Well the roof guys showed up this morning! A week late, but they showed. So hopefully the roof fix will be complete later this week.

The 2 weeks has passed since they ordered our new doors, so hopefully, they will be installed this week as well. I want to call and see if they are in but don't want to look like a pest calling on the day they were due. I'll call Wed. if I haven't heard from them by then.

I am feeling better physically today. Last night (sorry tmi) Clark and I tried to reclaim our sex life. It went well. It had been so long! About 2 months, although, I'm embarrassed to admit that. We were too afraid when we thought we may have created a viable pg to do anything. Then the miscarriage happened and obviously things were not going to happen then. But yesterday the bleeding stopped, I had a drink and a wonderful hot bath and then we got at it!

So some sense of normalcy has returned to my life. I went and had a couple glasses of wine with my girlfriends on Saturday. Which I then threw up! But it was worth it. I think it was residual from the mis.opros.tal or just that I haven't drank in months. Normally 2 glasses is nothing and I didn't feel drunk. But whatever.

So I guess we're on a break until at least the new year. We were bad and didn't use any protection last night. How important do you think using something is? I mean really what are the odds, I'll get pg au naturale? I don't want a repeat performance of the last 2 pgs. I thought we could use the rhythm method, although the reverse of that wasn't very successful in getting me pg, so maybe I don;t know my cycles at all? What to do. Part of me feels like saying screw it and just going for it. and the other part of me tells me to play it safe stock up on condoms and do what the dr says, until I find out what the hell my problems are. What do you think?


Chas said...

I guess the smart thing to do would be to follow doctor's orders. BUT, if I were actually in a relationship that could potentially produce a baby w/out medical technology I'd probably be tempted to try.

Honeycutt Family said...

My tendency would be the same as yours...go for it and screw it(literally). Who knows?!?!?!