Friday, November 02, 2007

It's all over...

But the crying, as they say! Got the all clear from the RE today. Final u/s showed not signs of the gestational sac, nice sized ovaries and only a thin lining to be shed. Woo-hoo. Everything is as it should be. Thank god, no d&c.

Weekly blood draws until Hcg reaches zero. So at least that part of it is over.

My house renos are finally moving on. The roofer was supposed to be there today to start the repairs to our 4 year old roof, that was done incorrectly the last time. The new doors for the new 'sun room' (not really sure what to call it yet) should be in this week.

We may be able to complete the bathroom downstairs more quickly than we had thought seeing as how I will be continuously working with no mat leave in sight, at least not for 2008. Yeah looking for that silver lining. Anyway, we have very little furniture right now as we ditched all the shit we had leftover from university living and we are getting some real stuff, hand me downs still, but very upscale hand me downs, hopefully by the end of the year.

I am basically redecorating my entire house with the exception of the master bedroom. I still don;t know what to do with the 3rd bedroom, I had cleared out for the nursery. It still has a dresser and desk in it, but is basically empty, maybe I'll put a twin bed in there, or perhaps I'll turn it into a craft room. Clark would like it if I gave him a den back, we'll see. I have to do something with it, looking at it all empty just depresses me more.

As for the sunroom, it was an poorly enclosed breezeway between the house and garage and we spruced it up with garden doors to the yard and new exterior doors and side lights into the driveway, we are going to make it a sunroom or sitting room with a tv and storage for coats and shoes etc. A place to have coffee or a drink and see into the yard. It has taken a while but as I said things are moving forward with it. maybe I'll post some pics as it reaches completion.


Fertilize Me said...

ooohoooh pictures pictures. I am sorry the crying is still around. Sending warm thoughts up for you

Chas said...

Yes, you should post some pictures! It's good to blog about some non-IF stuff sometimes. Still thinking about you lots :).

Aurelia said...

Hi, I just read about what has happened, I'm so sorry about your miscarriages.

If you have any questions about the miscarriage testing, I'd be happy to help answer as far as anything we've done for our miscarriages. Take care.