Thursday, June 14, 2007

What is there to say...

Well, you know I will find something! To get the cycle and related info out of the way first, I'm on cd13, doing my mid-cycle acupuncture and trying to have unromantic, scheduled sex with my hubby. What else can I tell you. Round and round and round I go and where I stop no one knows! Let's pray for a spring break baby!
I do feel like I am on one of those spinning rides at the carnival and just when it starts to slow down and my stomach relaxes, I'm about to get off and then woooosh! It starts again. I want off the ride and I want my money back, because I didn't enjoy it, at all.
Emotionally, ya know I'm hanging in there. Clark is still struggling, he has not yet let go of the idea that we will get pregnant on our own. I think he is a little slower than the rest of us. The last 2 years haven't caught up with him yet. I told him, screw it, I am ready to just move on to the freakin' IVF and get it done with. I am tired of all this messing around. Really, who isn't? So only a couple more diy cycles until we see the RE and get an action plan in place. I think I might feel better then, or at least more in control.
On the upside of life, the weather here is beautiful! And so I am going to share with you the beauty of my garden, the onlyplace in the world where I don't feel barren these days. This is my little private sanctuary.

This is my pride and join, the corner perennial garden.

This is my Vegetable garden, check out those tomatoes!

This is my baby, the Boston Terrier that rules the garden!

So there you have it, wow, I am proud of my first picture post and feeling a little exposed, I think this is the most I have shared of my personal life.


Chas said...

Wow, your yard looks fantastic, and the dog is so cute! I so hope that doing it the old fashioned way works out for you guys. Of course, w/out IVF I wouldn't have a child of my own, so I'm also a big advocate of that if the old fashioned way doesn't work out.

Sarah said...

yeah, i think boys just take longer coming around. i hope you luck out of this IF rollercoaster though and don't have to continue, but if you do it does feel much better to have a plan.

Kirsten said...

I remember hitting the "let's just get on to IVF" point. Once I finally accepted that was probably our only option, it was a huge relief. But, hopefully, you won't have to go there and will have that spring break baby!!!
Love the pics (especially your Boston baby!!)

Chris said...

I'm new here, and just had to comment. My hubby is also strangely optimistic that our infertility will simply resolve itself on it's own (after 9 rounds of Clomid, 3 IUI's with injectibles, acupuncture, natural pregnancy, miscarriage and D&C within the last year). BOYS! I tell you, they are such optimists! Good luck to you on this cycle.