Thursday, June 21, 2007

Busy is good, especially during the 2ww...

I have been super busy this past couple of weeks, which is a bonus. The only thing that really keeps me from obsessing is not having the time.

So for a quick update, life is plugging along. I keep popping in on you all, to see how things are going, glad to see things are still going as smoothly for Kirsten over at Blonde Ambitions, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she can keep those girls in there as long as possible! And the girls over at Me the Bumblebee, Hopeful to Hateful, and the Opposite of Knocked Up are all reporting cautious optimism, so I'm pulling for you girls and wishing you all the best.

I still can't help but hope that this is my month. That spring break baby would be perfect for the daddy that's a teacher and has a week off in March! CD 20, so still a ways to go, I'm really trying not analyze every little symptom, I feel or think I feel, that always gets me into trouble and you think I would know better by now.

Oh, well. Work is crazy busy. Life is good. My patience is thin but still mostly intact. I'm giving a great big shout out to all my blog girls! Just want to say that I don't comment often, but I'm dropping in. Wish you all the best!!!


Chas said...

I'm crossing my fingers that it'll be this month!!

Chris said...

Good for you for keeping yourself busy during this long wait! Sounds like you are doing wonderfully. Keep it up, and good luck!

Kirsten said...

Thanks for thinking of us!!
That would be great timing for you guys...I'll be praying that this is it.
You sound good! I hope the rest of your wait goes quickly and look forward to reading more :)

Sarah said...

hoping for you too!