Friday, March 27, 2009

32 Weeks and what a week!!!

First, I must say, I haven't had nearly as much time as I used to to blog. My new job has less private internet access, so I can't get on there and at home I'm too tired to engage the computer at night.

But here I am at 32 weeks. We had a little scare this week at our check up u/s. They flagged me as having low fluid. So they most frightening hauled me into the hospital for a non stress test, which is slightly scary at not even 32 weeks. I was hooked up to fetal monitors for about an hour and a portable ultrasound was given. All seemed ok. The fluid appeared perfectly normal levels at this one and the baby was doing just fine as far as movement and heart rate.

They are following me up with another ultrasound in 2 weeks, there is slight concern over the baby's abdominal measurement, I have been transferred to an ob (for now). I guess there main concern is the I.U.G.R., but I mean if you saw me and the size of me, you would wonder how that could be a consideration. I know that's not an accurate predictor, but really.

So I must admit I'm a little bit fearful at the moment, I'll feel better at this next u/s. But I am trying to not let the anxiety get the better of me. We've come this far and I know baby girl s going to be just fine. I have decided to take off work a little earlier than expected. I have not been told to leave work, so I am still working for now, I was hoping to work until 2 weeks before my dd. But I think I'll leave 2 weeks earlier than that. I probably don;t need the stress, and I want to ensure do all that I can to keep in the oven as long as possible and not be growth restricted.


Sugar and Ice said...

I actually had IUGR with my first pregnancy. She was growing totally normally the entire time, and then BAM...she stopped around 35 weeks. It was truly strange. My fluid level crapped out around 37 weeks as well. Hopefully, you just had a bad scan and everything is really A-OK!

Soralis said...

Just wondering how you are doing... hope all is well