Thursday, October 30, 2008

Double Digits and a Heartwarming Experience...

Phew! 2 weeks since I posted, so far this first trimester is flying by for my and thank goodness, as I am not a patient person. I couldn't believe when I logged on and saw double digits - 10 weeks, actually almost 11 already. Never thought I would make it this far and am still counting my blessings daily.

Things seem to be motoring along for the most part for me. I feel pretty good really. A little nausea still occasionally and a lot of fatigue, but nothing that's a horrible deal.

And the most exciting news! I had my first midwife appt. on Tuesday (yes midwife, I'll get into that later) and I heard the heartbeat!!! For those of you following my journey you know how utterly important and how much this means to me. I cried, it was the loveliest sound I have ever heard! My 12 week u/s is scheduled for a week from Monday, I am really looking forward to that for the utmost reassurance that all is well with baby bubble.

As for the Midwife, well, I researched a lot of options, where to deliver - my town or the city where to get an OB, which OB, etc. and nothing felt right. Then my friends kept recommending I think about a midwife. So as I am approaching 11 weeks and really needed to make a decision and find someone to get my prenatal blood work and 12 week u/s ordered, I took the plunge and made an appt with our local midwife clinic.

Let me tell you it was a fabulous experience, we met for 2 hours, yes, 2 hours, and that was actually talking to her, not sitting in the waiting room. She asked me a million questions, we talked about delivery, care during the pregnancy, everything. It was a great experience and seeing as how I have not be deemed high risk, I can safely go to the midwife for my care, unless something out of the ordinary arises at which time they will consult with an OB, but let's hope that doesn't happen. The best part is the midwives attend the entire labour and deliver process with you and will even if your care is transferred to an OB later in pg. Oh, and did I mention that you get a pager number for your midwife in case you have questions or something scary happens. Love it.

Anyway, needless to say I feel great about this decision even if it does seem a bit unconventional. But then again what has been conventional about this process so far?? I really want a change of pace from the whole "medical" experience I have had thus far. I am of course delivering in a hospital, I'm not that much of a free spirit.

So that's where I am right now. Things are good.


Sugar and Ice said...

Seeing a midwife isn't unconventional. It seems that midwives are about as common as OBs these days. Most OB practices even employ one or two midwifes. My aunt used one five years ago when she had my cousin, and she was very satisfied. They did end up having to have an OB come in b/c the placenta wouldn't detach after delivery, but aside from that the midwife did it all.

AllieQB said...

So glad to see an update from you! How wonderful to hear that everything is progressing. :)