Monday, July 14, 2008

Burnt Out...

I am feeling very ready for a vacation!! Which I have coming in 2 weeks!! YEEAAAHH!! We moved Clark's grandma on Friday and Saturday and we are exhausted!!!

I have made firm plans to start out next IVF on my August cycle which should start (cd1) around mid August if my body stays on it's current schedule. I decided it was time to take a month off. Since they are not suppressing me at all prior to IVF start, it's almost like an iui cycle in that, I just start shots on day 3 and continue until retrieval. So I am living it up for July!!

We went to a concert last Sunday. We are heading to the cottage we rent every year a week from Saturday. I need a vacation. I am so tired and mentally and emotionally drained. So I am looking forward to living life normally for the next month!!

Other than that life is steaming ahead at an alarming rate, I can't believe that it's already mid-July!! My fur girls are as cute and funny as every. God, do they make me laugh.

So bottom line is IVF #1 take 2, is postponed until August at my choice.


Amber said...

Good for you. Live it up. I;m in the same place as you...maybe a few weeks ahead. IVF suppression...just start shooting on CD3.

Live it up!

Sugar&Ice said...

Have yourself a wonderful July!! I'll be right here praying for you when August rolls around :).