Thursday, September 18, 2008

A New Look...

For a new chapter in my life! I hope I am moving into phase two of my life, parenthood! So finally after nearly 3 years of keeping this blog, I felt is was time for a new look!

And what better timing than the week I find out IVF #2 worked!!! I hope you all enjoy the new look and for all you lurkers out there please feel free to comment, I'd love to hear from you!

Nothing too much new. Getting ready to start my new job on Tuesday, The new job is only 3 days a week, but as much money as I make now working 5! So this is perfect timing in some ways. I am staying on at my old job the other 2 days a week until they get someone hired and trained. So I will be banking the extra for baby goodies! Not to mention a new wardrobe for me!!

Beta is tomorrow, I feel pretty good, a little tired, eating is weird, sometimes I am famished and could eat everything in sight and other days I barely feel like eating at all. A few weird twinges, nothing I would call cramping, just some pulling feelings in the top of my legs and lower abdomen. I guess I would be about 4 weeks 4 days today, so things are still very early.

Otherwise, the bubbles seem to be hanging in there and we are just taking it one day at a time. I will feel much better when I see an u/s. The betas don't hold much weight with me, as my first 2 pgs had great numbers. So we'll see, one foot in front of the other.

It's very hard to keep my excitement down to a dull roar!!


Honeycutt Family said...

Love the new look!
Love the attitude--"one day at a time".
Hoping and praying for you...

Amy said...

I know what you mean about keeping your excitement contained. I was so excited and nervous at the same time!

Hope your u/s goes well.

Love the look!

Kirsten said...

A HUGE (and belated) congrats to you guys!!!!!!! That is wonderful news and I can't wait to see the beta number :) Hopefully both bubbles are hanging in there!!
And that is so awesome about the job; I am just dreaming that I'll find something similar where I can work half the time but make the same least now I know it CAN happen!!
Congrats again, mommy!

Silver said...

This is great news! Wishing good things for little bubble!