Friday, September 12, 2008


Time is ticking so slowly!! I am dying to have some resolve here. I need to know the answer to the burning question, where is my magic 8 ball!!

I have been keeping busy, I accepted a new job. So that's starts is a week and a half. I know, crazy timing!! I'm a little concerned about the repercussions there if I am in fact pregnant. But I mean I can't make decisions based on what ifs. I've been trying to get pg for over 3 years. I mean if I turned down everything because I might get pg it would have been a strange 3 years!

So I'm excited about the job. I'm having a little trouble with the new puppy, she is deathly afraid of other dogs, so I have her enrolled in some private training sessions, so that will keep me busy.

So I am just trying to keep busy and wait it out until my beta on Thursday. I am going insane though. I'm glad it's Friday, as I know the weekend will fly by and Mondays are usually busy and next thing I know it will be Tuesday.

I feel nothing. I have no idea if I am pg or not. I'd like to say I have some intuition but not really. Although cold corn in the fridge last night nearly made me throw up! So maybe that's a good sign.


Silver said...

Hang in there, the waiting sucks. Wishing you luck!

Sugar and Ice said...

Congratulations on the new job!! I'm hoping you have something else to celebrate in just a few days!!!