Friday, September 05, 2008


That is today, I had my 3 day transfer yesterday. I have my beta on the 19th. It's been a while since a post from me, I have just been trying to get through life revolving around IVF. I go back to work on Monday, so I feel I need to get back at normal life.

So the details of this cycle. Obviously I had my retrieval on Monday, which went fairly well all things considered. I was awake, but fairly groggy and disengaged through it all. I felt no needles, but did feel the follicles being punctured which resulted in a very moderate pain, nothing I couldn't handle. The whole thing only took about 15 minutes, so they tell me. It felt like 5 minutes to me, I must have been in and out of sleep, due to the drugs. They got 12 eggs, that looked pretty good! I was seriously psyched at that point. They even showed us one of my eggs under a microscope on the screen. It was very exciting!!

I have to say here the clinic was fabulous on the day of retrieval. I couldn't have asked for better care, I was the only retrieval that day and the nurse that was assigned to me was incredibly awesome and made for a really good experience all things considered.

I recovered in my room for a couple hours, and during this time Clark did his thing. We waited until we had the all clear on the sperm sample (meaning there was enough and they were swimming). Then we headed home. The next couple days were a little rough, not a lot of pain, but serious bloating and my digestive system was majorly off.

I took it easy for those couple days, I was at risk for some moderate to serious OHSS, since my e2 was over 9000, 2 days before retrieval. But I poured the fluids down me and just rested and rested. And I was feeling pretty good by yesterday, transfer day.

The fertilization report on Wednesday was great, we had 9 of the 12 fertilize, although one was lagging behind the rest, we still had 8 that looked decent at that point. I was more that majorly psyched at that news!

When we arrived for the transfer, the news was not as good. Only 3 of our little embies has graduated to past 6 cells, which is where they have to be for freezing and transfer. So the 2 best which were 9 cellers, and grade C were transferred back to me. The transfer process was pretty painless compared to retrieval. Not much more that an iui, only a little longer. They checked the tube under the microscope to make sure they were back in me, and I was allowed to go home.

The grade C's were very disappointing to me. I was hoping for some stellar embies after all my hard work and especially after having 12 to start. But they told me not to get too wrapped up in the grades and that they have seen many pg's result from c's. So I guess it is what it is. I knew it was too good to be true, I usually am an under achiever!!! But at the very least this cycle was a winner compared to the last!!

So when we left yesterday, we had one 8 celler, that could be frozen, a 5 cell that they were hoping would catch up and the rest would be cultured to see if they reached blastocyst stage to be frozen. They will send us a detailed report next week outlining how many were frozen and at what stage. So we'll see. I would hope I could do at least one frozen cycle with a couple embies. They gave me a picture of the 2 they transferred back, they were so cute!!! Like little bubbles!!

So now we wait. The hardest part for me. The next 2 weeks are going to be tough. So please pray for the little bubbles!


Hear My Cry said...

Praying for you.

Kirsten said...

This is the hard part! I will keep you and the bubbles in my prayers :)

Sugar and Ice said...

The two week weight is terrible. You are definitely in my prayers!!

AllieQB said...

Delurking to let you know I'm praying for you!

Silver said...

Good luck with your wait. Hoping for you.