Friday, February 08, 2008

Everything we wait for happens at once...

Well at 15dpIUI it was a BFN. So I think the game is up. B/w on Sunday to confirm. Not surprised. I kind of know now how I feel when I am pg and didn't feel any of that, actually feel completely normal.

I'm sad. It seems like a lot of work for a big fat negative. I haven't had this experience yet, of a bfn on an iui cycle. The world is just full of new experiences. But I know I can get pg, so I guess we try again. I think I was really afraid of a positive. I just couldn't have done the m/c thing again. So I would rather a bfn, then get to pg and lose it.

So, I will speak to the clinic on Sunday when they do my b/w and find out when I can do the next cycle. I am pretty sure that they make you wait a month in between. So it will be at least March. Not really looking forward to another medicated and monitored cycle, but I have to keep trying.

In good news, puppies are here, yup, they were born on Tuesday, a litter of 5 that incudes 3 girls, so it looks like we're getting our little girl!!! Probably sometime around Easter. I am very excited!!!

Do I believe that everything happens for a reason. I guess I have to. There must be a plan for all of us. Thanks for all of your well wishes. It would seem my baby dreams will be on hold a little while longer. I never realized it would get easier with each bfn. I am starting to believe I am chasing a dream, I am not intended to fulfill. But I am not quite ready to give up the chase just yet.


Fertilize Me said...

I am soory for the bfn. You chase that dream ... we will hold you up!

congrats on a new lil pupgirl!

Chas said...

I'm super sorry, Hope! You're in my prayers daily!!

I can't wait to see pics of the new puppy!!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for the BFN. I get my beta results today also. I am just waiting for my phone call. Its my 2nd IUI also.

.......................Honeycutt Family said...

Congrats on the baby puppy--can't wait to see pics when you get her!
Sorry for the BFN. Sounds like you are fairly peaceful with it for this month. I like your words, "Everything happens for a reason." I truly believe that and God has really been trying to pound that into me lately! It's a hard lesson...
Love ya,

Glenna Marshall said...

I'm so sorry for the failed IUI. I was so hoping for you! I'm glad you seem positive, though.

Glenna Marshall said...
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