Thursday, December 06, 2007

A little Christmas-y!

Well, I started thinking about how bah-hum-bug my post sounded yesterday, so last night, i had a glass of wine and at least put up a few lights outside and hung a wreath on the front door as well.

I was delinquent about taking pictures of the renos, although, i want to remember what it looked like before, so will have to get on that and promise I will post a couple.

I was glad to hear from those of you who have had sono-hsg and say it's painless. At least that's good.

The puppy news is very exciting for me. I realized how little I talk about my sweet little BT (bos.ton ter.rier) on here. But she really is the centre of our household. We love her like crazy and she is always up to some crazy antics, that make you laugh. We won't know until closer to xmas or after if this breeding 'takes' as the breeder put it. So I'll know for sure in the new year if there will be an available litter. Same breeder we got the sweet girl from, so we aren't too worried about temperament etc. My gut is to go with another girl. I have to start thinking about names and I'm open to suggestions so please feel free to comment. I hate dog sounding names though, I prefer something more humany!

And to please Chas, since I likely won't have pics of the new pup for months, here's our #1. She's 3 1/2 and a total ham!!

PS - I have always avoided posting pics to maintain my anonymity but, everyone needs a few adorable dog pics!!


Fertilize Me said...

Chas is very very cute and cuddly. I don't think puppy pics will give you away!

Searching said...

I agree, doggy pics for all! I do love a good puppy story, so feel free to post away on your girl's antics. If she is so wonderful, a sister from the same breeder would be great! Definately a cutie- love her sweater! I'll have to add some of mine in their clothes. My girl LOVES to wear things. Hard to find anything that fits her though...

Bella/Ella/Gracie/Emma/Charlotte all sound proper for a BT. What is this one's name? Did you want one starting with the same letter or sounding similar?

Kirsten said...

What a CUTIE!!! I wish my Penny would wear sweaters but as soon as we put one on her, she freezes and won't move. It's pretty pitiful, actually!!
That's great that you might have a puppy in the near future...I want another one SOOOO bad but my husband wants to wait a little while longer. Plus, he said no more BT's (because of the snoring and farting) but we'll see about that...I plan to have one for the rest of my life :)

Chas said...

HAHAHAHA....someone said "Chas is very cute and cuddly" LOL! That cracked me up!

Anywho...very cute pup! I doubt anyone will be able to track you down with just a picture of your dog :).

Hope said...

Chas: I know I like that 2 that someone thought I was referring to the dog, when I said 'to please Chas"!!

Also, I'm not so paranoid to think that someone could track me down, it's just that I don't use our real names etc. so I always thought if someone I know IRL stumbled across my blog, it might confirm it for them.