Monday, September 24, 2007


Well I have managed to get a week under my belt with out too much anxiety. I know the nurse told me I can poas on Thurs (15dpiui), but I don't know if I really want too. I still have the dream alive until I know for sure that I'm not. I know that is a really negative attitude, but well i don't have to explain it really do I?

In symptom watch, I am a little crampy, although I would call it more twingy or a pulling sensation very low, just above the hoo-ha. I am still doing the blessed va-jay-jay pills, so it could be the side effects from them. I am also damn tired, like couldn't get my butt of the couch for anything yesterday. And still bouts of nausea, not sure if that is still due to the met. But whatever, none of it means squat until I see 2 lines or a + beta. So why do I continue to speculate. Less than a week now.

Other than that life is busy and good. Still working on my house. Working hard at work. The usual. Keep your fingers crossed.


Fertilize Me said...

wishing you that BFP!!

Chas said...

I'm still cheering you on! Just a few more days :).