Monday, February 26, 2007


That's what I'm concentrating my energy on. But couldn't help but voice my opinion over on Inglewood's blog. Seems we stirred up a little chaos. I think I agree with her she has arrived!

Not much to post, just trying to get through each day and focus on the positive and the future. And not focus on the wrenching feeling in my gut every time I see a baby or a hear about a baby or someone having a baby or a family enjoying a Sunday afternoon. I'm working through my hurt and disappointment and trying not to get caught up in the despair and fear.

It's mostly working. I am really trying to be OK spending time with friends and relatives and their kids, it's hard, but I have to be able to continue on enjoying this life I have been given.

I know things are still a little raw for me and can only get better with time.

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