Thursday, February 22, 2007

Data Documentation

This is not really a post so much as a timeline for myself. I just want to remember the time frames surrounding this first pregnancy and miscarriage for future reference. I need to document it now before I forget and look back trying to remember. So here it is.

November 7th/06 - Appointment with RE, does vag u/s and tells me to stop the clo.mid and just do the 2000mg of metf0rmin, we schedule an appointment for February 1 for 1st iui consult.
November 9th/07 - I got my period, no clo.mid this cycle. Stayed on the met, started some chinese herbs.
November 20th, 22nd, 24th/06 - Acupuncture these days.
November 22nd-23rd/06 - I think this is probably around when I actually conceived.
December 6th/06 - Noted that I had not been feeling well, really, really tired and moody, kind of crampy like I should be getting my period, peeing alot and strange disrupted bowel issues (which I blamed on the met, but not sure).
December 6th/06 - (CD 28, approx. 14dpo) took a pregnancy test - positive - took 2 more, both positive.
December 6th/06 - had blood draw, qualitative beta only, stopped taking the met.
December 7th/06 - took 2 more HTPs, both positive, I was still in shock.
December 8th/06 - got the call from the Dr's office that the qualitative was positive.
December 11th/06 - went for first appt, had quantitative betas done.
December 18th/06 - got the beta results, 2264 at 19dpo and 7111 at 22dpo.
January 5th/07 - first ultrasound at 8w1d, no heartbeat, sac measuring 6w6d.
January 19th/06 - second ultrasound at 10w1d, no heartbeat, empty sac, tech tells me looks like a blighted ovum.
January 22nd/07 - beta draw was over 10,000.
January 26th/07 - d&c at 11w1d.
February 5th/07 - beta draw was 46.

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Inglewood said...

Hope, glad you have been able to take a break and begin to look for peace. Been thinking about you and checking your blog often for updates, I have just been really busy so I haven't left too many comments.

It is really important to deal with the anger and bitterness, especially before it becomes overwhelming. I think I ignored it a bit too long before dealing with it. It sounds like you finding balance and healing, that will help when you begin to try again.

Wishing you all the best Hope.