Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Trying to stay out of Blogland...

Well, in my attempts to keep the TTC obsessing to a minimum, I have really being trying to stay out of Blogland. That goes both ways - posting and reading. It's been really hard, because I so enjoy keeping up on all my fellow infertile bloggers stories and hopefully have the chance to celebrate their successes. But it also keeps me in the obsessing phase, I am trying so hard to get past.

So that's my excuse for the long pause between posts. But I have spent most of the day today in complete obsession mode. I expect my period on Saturday (the 9th). And believe me I have every possible imagined pregnancy sign. From a week long nagging headache, to excessive cm, to cramping, to (and believe me, Clark will back me up on this one) extreme BITCHINESS! I am not necessarily the happiest of people at the best of times, but even I have to admit, I have been downright nasty the past few days!

The first cycle of acupuncture has re-built some false hope I thought I had all but gotten past recently. My acupuncturist is so darn optimistic, it's hard not to buy into her faith. She makes me believe it will work because she so strongly believes it herself.

But about the acupuncture for those of you who have never tried it - not bad. I had a weird sense of how strange it was to lie on a table and have someone insert needles in you, but there was no pain involved. I did have a few weird sensations in several needle sites, but nothing I would say that actually hurt. I went 3 times the week of ovulation, days 12, 14, 16. I had some needles in my back on either side of the spine (I think about 6-8) and 2 in my head, one in each leg and several in my abdomen. I definitely noticed a change in my cm, which is still continuing and giving me more false hope. It was quite relaxing once I got past my initial nervousness the first time.

I am also on a regime of Chinese herbs. Pills, so they are easy to take. I am going to give it a whirl again next month. As soon as my period arrives, I can schedule my day 12,14,16 appointments again.

I have felt like crap for the past week or so, really tired and head achy, I think it is the flu. I would like to believe in PG symptoms, but I have never actually had any, so they are kind of like the lochness monster, I won't believe they exist until I see them myself! I also woke up this morning with 3 (no that is not a typo, count 'em 3!) cold sores. So that would be the first sign my immune system is compromised, most likely by some yucky flu or cold. And no I didn't get my flu shot. Hopefully the week will round out with me feeling better or finding out I am feeling so miserable because I am PG! I'll keep you posted, although I am pretty sure I know how this is going to turn out.

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