Thursday, December 21, 2006

I love Christmas

I really do love this time year. Even though it gets busy and there is the stress of shopping and cooking etc. The big day filled with presents and family makes it all worth while. I love watching everyone open their gifts and be surprised. Our family always puts so much effort into getting just the right thing for everyone.

So I am feeling especially grateful this year. I am by no means getting smug, but things are rolling along OK. I am happier and more relaxed this week. Those beta numbers did so much to reassure me. I still like to thank the universe occasionally. I have checked out every baby department in the city. I have not yet bought anything, but I have looked at everything. You could say I have a mental registry going.

I will feel again reassured after seeing the u/s and then again at 12weeks. But in the meantime I am going to enjoy the Holidays. I am finished with work today and won't be back in the office until the 2nd. At which time I will be anxiously awaiting the big u/s day!

Clark asked me last night if I believed it was true yet. I told him the 5 HPTs and the 3 blood draws have done much to reassure me. I go for my prenatal blood screen tomorrow. I know it is routine, but I have been checked a million times for HIV, Hep, rubella immunity etc., they do all of these at the first appointment for IUI or IVF. I guess the benefit (if there is one) to all this long-lived ttc stuff is we know alot more about our bodies. I kind of fell between the cracks here too, because I got pregnant before the first IUI, on my own (which I am extremely thankful for), I am already back in the care of my original Ob/Gyn.

Anyway, rambling. Sorry.

So the meat of this post is I am blessed in so many ways this Christmas season. I want to express adequate thanks for all that I have.

Updates next week, Happy Holidays to All!!

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