Thursday, December 14, 2006

5 Weeks Down, 35 to go...

So I am 5 weeks today. I went for the second blood draw for the Betas. I had blood drawn on what I estimate to be 19 and 21 DPO.

So now I sit on pins and needles until I get the results on Monday. I have never prayed so hard for anything in my whole life. I have been researching what beta numbers are normal at this stage so I can be prepared for what Dr. Optimistic has to tell me on Monday. I know they need to double, so I keep praying I roll big numbers.

I also know that low betas that do not double appropriately indicate a threatened miscarriage and/or ectopic (my worst fear).

Still everything seems OK to me, not that I know anything this being my first PG and all. But the cramping has subsided and I just have the occasional achy feeling in my tummy, which seems to be normal from everything I have read. I have a bit of queasiness, really, really tired since before I even knew I had a BFP, and a bit moody and irritable.

OK, so I thought I was obsessive about the TTC, who knew how effing crazy and obsessed I would get when I actually got PG. I will try to relax after the 8 week u/s in Jan. But I need evidence this PG is progressing as it should. Dr. Optimistic really scared the bejezus out of me on Monday. Not that she had any results to go on, except a non quantitative positive Beta.

And again, I say please add me to your prayers for the next few days. I need all the help I can get.

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Inglewood said...

Congrats, how exciting. Will check back in on Monday.

Try not to rip your hair out by then, I know it is hard though..