Friday, September 22, 2006

The RE's opinion

Well we had the big appointment with the RE yesterday. The great news is that he has ruled out male factor. All along Dr. Optimistic has me scared shitless that Clark has a low count and blah, blah, blah. Well Dr. Phallus (Clark gave him that name because his last name kind of sounds like Phallus and it seemend funny and appropriate) thinks it's a non-issue, he says Clark's 48 million are just fine!

Yeah, so now we just have to deal with me. The tubal blockages are the issue as I seem to be responding the clomid and ovulating.

Dr. Phallus wants to try an IUI on Pureg0n. Probably in November or December. He said he won't do more than 3 IUIs before moving us on to IVF.

I am emotionally drained and exhausted. So more on the feelings later, I have just processed the facts and am not sure how optimistic etc., I feel about his treatment plan. So more on that another day.

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