Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The results are in...

And they were pretty good! The first time I have started feeling optimistic about this whole TTC journey. Maybe it is not hopeless? He is still in the low end of normal, but much better. 48 million to be exact with 80% motility, which is a great increase over only the 30% previously.

So I am scheduled for my LAP on June 21. A little nervous, but you know we can never let them see us sweat! Dr. Optimistic thinks we have the greatest chance of conceiving in the 3 months following the surgery. So we have revised our game plan a little bit and are putting off the RE referral for now. Which I am good with because I really hope we can do this on our terms. So another 3 months of clomid (ok, not so happy about that, but gotta do it) following the surgery and then we regroup if there are no results by then. At least we have a plan.

Emotionally I am feeling much stronger, for now. So just keep moving forward. I feel a little less bitter, but it could just be the lack of clomid! I will do my best to remain positive.

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